Duane Blue

Call Me Blue: How a lying, cheating, stealing, lonely, drug and booze addict was transformed into a New Creation

It is never too late to turn your life around.

Learn about how God transformed a man that appeared beyond hope.

  • Roy Fish, Professor (retired)

    Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

    Ron Owens has done it again. After writing superb biographies of two of the most unforgettable people one will ever meet, he has centered this one around the story of Duane Blue. Blue, the name by which his friends know him, was a drug-busting, motorcycling, wasted piece of humanity until Jesus radically changed his life. You will read Call Me Blue with great pleasure and gratitude.

  • Dennis Swanberg, The Man Code

    Monroe, Louisiana

    For more than 25 years I've admired Blue and his sweetheart, Iris. They are God's Dynamic Duo!! Blue is real, genuine, authentic, classic, unique, and hewn out of God's quarry of spiritual characters. Get yourself a cup of Dark Roast with a bowl of cookies—kick back and have the read of a lifetime! Blue's testimony will blow you away. Put on your seatbelt!!

  • Wayne Barber, Senior Pastor Woodland Park Baptist Church

    Chattanooga, Tennessee

    If you ever want to meet a real, transparent, open and honest believer who loves Jesus and His Word with all his heart, then you need to know Duane Blue, or "Blue," as we call him. The story of how God reached out to his wife Iris, and then through her, touched Blue's life, is just awesome. I'm so grateful to Ron Owens for writing this book.

  • Johnny Hunt, Senior Pastor First Baptist Church

    Woodstock, Georgia

    When I think of Duane Blue, the word that stands out first and foremost in my heart is the word grace. It is nothing short of the amazing, marvelous grace of God that can so radically change a man. It is, indeed, an Apostle Paul-type story of an encounter with a Holy God who makes a hellion into a holy man. Read, be blesses, and pass it on.