Manley Beasley

Manley Beasley: Man of Faith, instrument of revival

What does true faith in God cost?

In this biography on the life of Manley Beasley, learn where truth faith comes from, and the price it may require.

  • Jimmy Robertson

    Director, Milldale Baptist Conference Center, President of Fires of Revival

    I’ve known Manley Beasley for nearly 50 years. Ron Owens has done the impossible. He has made Manley, the man, live in this book as well as make the message of Manley come alive. As I read this outstanding biography, I felt that once again I was standing in the presence of Manley and hearing him teach.

  • T. W. Hunt

    Former seminary professor, author, speaker

    Ron Owens has skillfully, step by step, exposed the authenticity of one man who constantly realized the importance of God’s direction in every area of life. Every Christian should read this book.

  • Warren W. Wiersbe

    Author, former Senior Pastor of Moody Church, Chicago, and former Director of the Back to the Bible Broadcast

    Ron Owens has given us a tender but powerful account of the life and ministry of this remarkable servant of God. I pray that our Lord will give the book a wide and enduring ministry.

  • Michael Catt

    Senior Pastor, Sherwood Baptist Church, Albany, GA. and Executive Director of Sherwood Films, creators of the movies, Facing the Giants and Fireproof

    Manley Beasley was the greatest man of faith I ever knew. Manley was a part of a defining moment in my life, one that altered the course and direction of my ministry for the past nineteen years. Manley is one of the great giants of faith in Christian history.