Return to Worship

Return to Worhsip

What does it mean to worship God?

Rediscover your true relationship with Him by returning to the worship He desires.

  • Rob Hewell

    Chairman, Department of Church Music, Ouachita University

    This book is an invitation to a homecoming—a clear, simple, yet incredibly powerful concept that should not be lightly dismissed by any of us. Worship is the place God has always desired us to be in relation to Himself, and for many of us this will require renewal and restoration. Return to Worship points the way.

  • Warren W. Wiersbe

    Author and Conference Speaker

    I wish every believer, church musician, and worship leader would read this book and take it to heart. It calls us back to God-centered worship that is based on truth, not trends, and that brings glory to the Master, not applause to the servants.

  • Henry Blackaby

    President emeritus, Henry Blackaby Ministries

    This written work is the culmination of Ron's lifelong desire to help God's people experience Him deeply in true worship. I feel that this book very fairly and thoroughly addresses the issues God's people are facing today in this area. It is a very exciting and timely contribution to the whole field of worship and will be helpful to those who take worship seriously.

  • Stephen F. Olford

    Founder of the Stephen Olford Center for Biblical Preaching

    Return to Worship is the precursor to heaven-sent revival, spiritual awakening, and worldwide evangelization. I commend this book to church members and leaders everywhere—with the fervent prayer that God will use it to bring us back to the highest activity of which a redeemed person is capable, namely, the worship of God in spirit and in truth.