Georgy Slesarev

They Could Not Stop The Music

Would you deny Christ as Peter did?

Find out how Georgy Slesarev handled the ultimate test put to any Christian.

  • Cliff Barrows

    Billy Graham Association

    I couldn't put it down as I began to read...and I was stirred to tears as I read of Georgy Slesarev, first violinist of Moscow's Bolshoi Theater. His personal commitment to Jesus Christ, and his refusal to allow the music to be stopped, cost him his life. Read this incredible story, it will be a soul-searching experience. I enthusiastically commend it to you.

  • Jerome Hines

    Opera Singer, retired, Metropolitan Opera, New York

    This book is a MUST for every Christian who wants to know what it means to be a witness and what it was like to be a believer under Communism. I had to ask myself, Would I be that strong if faced with Georgy's choice? They Could Not Stop The Music is a book on the level of The Persecutor.

  • Tom Elliff

    Living in the Word Ministries

    They Could Not Stop The Music rivets the reader's attention with one of the most thoroughly documented accounts of a martyrdom in the Twentieth Century. Here is a faithful record of the life of a first violinist of the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra who went to his death with an unwavering faith in Christ. READ THE BOOK!

  • Henry Blackaby

    President emeritus, Henry Blackaby Ministries

    Here is the record of one of God's witnesses that every believer MUST read...then let God speak specifically to you to radically change your life and witness.