The Milldale Story

The Milldale Story - Its People, its Mission, its God

Have you experienced the nearness of God?

Learn about the very essence of revival from what happened at Milldale.

  • Herb Reavis, Jr.

    Senior Pastor, North Jacksonville Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida

    The Milldale Story will ignite a revival fire in your soul. It is a record of miracles. It speaks of ordinary people who trusted God to do extraordinary things. Read it and you will find your faith enlarged and you will experience a holy glow in your soul.

  • Richard Owen Roberts

    International Awakening Ministries, Wheaton, Illinois

    Would to God that innumerable conferences and camp-meetings might spring up across the land where the manifest presence of God is as mightily felt and known as it was at Milldale. This is what the true church waits for and what the world needs to see.

  • John L. Yeats

    Director of Communications, Lousiana Baptist Convention; Recording Secretary of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Every believer hungers for a time of refreshment from the deep well of God's Holy Spirit. As I read the Milldale Story, my soul experienced the thirst-quenching taste of God at work through a people who will trust Him.

  • Bill Robertson

    Director of Pastoral Leadership, Louisiana Baptist Convention

    The fire of revival that burns fresh in my heart today was ignited at Milldale. My ministry was shaped by men like Manley Beasley, Bill Stafford, Ron Dunn, Sonny Holland and Brother Jimmy. Thank you Ron for taking us on a trip, from where it all began to what is still going on today.